T1 ninja valorant

Nonetheless, we as an esport community tend to always compare players, teams and in the end also different regions of the world to each other regarding their playstyles and capabilities in the games we are passionate about.

Afterward, we are ready to look at a few gameplay examples to identify the key traits of the current Korean Meta in pro play and what you can take away from it in particular.

However, as long as there are no competitive matchups between teams of different regions, all we can do is speculate. The first true test for the different regional approaches to Valorant will be at the international Valorant Champions tournament at the end of Disclaimer: We are solely moving the gameplay-related characteristics of the Korean pro scene into the spotlight of this article.

For this section we are taking a look at the bare statistics of the most recently completed tournament in the Korean scene: VCT Korea — Challengers 2. Here you can clearly identify the typical agent lineup for most Korean teams: Breach, Omen, Sova, Jett, and one varying pick. For some maps and teams this varying pick might be an additional duelist like Raze but most of the time we saw a Sentinel like Cypher or Killjoy complementing the lineup.

Seeing a Breach so far up on that ranking kind of already tells you a lot about the general playstyle and ability to change pace in the Korean Meta. Also, Duelist alternatives to Jett and Raze like Reyna and Phoenix are noticeably more popular in other regions. Phoenix, Raze, and especially Jett and Reyna have very high pick rates compared to basically all agents associated with the Sentinels class Cypher, Killjoy, and Sage.

For me personally, it was very interesting to see the extraordinary pick rate of Brimstone. In no other region is Brimstone that much more liked and preferred over Omen, his main rival in his field. Having up to three Duelists in a team apparently is highly common and team-focused agents like Breach, Cypher, Killjoy and Skye find absolutely no niche in the current casual Meta at least.

So there is a certain degree of knowledge and skill regarding the game to assume at this level. This seemingly also goes for the Korean scene. Teams in this region generally put in a lot of work and thought in their setups on maps and how they are going to approach specific map control. Finding and successfully establishing those setups and prepared executes on a new map in the map pool takes a lot of practice and time. Besides that, a pretty much normal distribution of map picks took place at VCT Korea — Challengers 2.

You can find a similar distribution in the played maps in the Ranked ladder in Korea over the last few weeks. Icebox apparently is the most dodged map in the current map pool and therefore is the least played overall. So, as you can see the already mentioned trend to dislike Icebox is also clearly displayed in the ladder stats.

Only Ascent stands out slightly as at least the most played map in the pool. But not in the Korean Meta. Apart from that significant balance shift regarding the two main rifles of Valorant, there is nothing greatly unusual here.

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However, there are some indicators in this chart that may suggest a slight tendency to skip force buys in Korean pro matches. Not a difference as distinct as in the regions of NA or EU but after all a turnaround compared to the Korean pro scene.

t1 ninja valorant

Other than that, the Ghost is noticeably more popular than the Classic in the ladder. Capturing the essence of the Korean playstyle is not an easy task.

t1 ninja valorant

However, the whole purpose of this article is to make an educated and reasoned attempt to do exactly that to maybe give a better insight into this for most players foreign region of Valorant.Main Wikis. General Recent changes Pending changes Random page. What links here.

Valorant: T1 Sonii is dropped from ‘100 Blifted’ after a heated spat with Ninja

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Page information. Browse SMW properties. Invitational Mandatory. Empire Play Invitational. North America. Upcoming Matches.

20 Minutes of Valorant Pro Players Destroying Full Teams (Ace Compilation)

June 26, - PDT. Echo 8. Upper Bracket Quarterfinals. TSM 2. June 27, - PDT. FaZe Clan 2. Sentinels 1. Immortals 2. G Esports 0. Upper Bracket Semifinals. FaZe Clan 0. Immortals 0. Upper Bracket Final. June 28, - PDT. Lower Bracket Round 1.With all the news going around about Ninja considering going pro at Valorant, or Halo: Infinite, or both, recently there has been an alteration to his Valorant roster.

Ninja to participate in first major VALORANT tournament

Valorant has been steadily on its path to becoming a successful eSport, and it is already getting there with its growing competitive scene. Although, there has been no official statement confirming so. Shroud had stepped in and motivated him to keep up his grind in the game to get better at it. Apparently, he has severed all means of communication so there is no way for him to know.

Furthermore, it does seem like this move has hurt him. It involves a friendly banter with Ninja on a stream where Ninja loses it. SONII agrees that he could have handled it differently but he did not. However, there are people supporting him in this incident. He has been a good player. Samyarup Chowdhury is an eSports author at EssentiallySports.

With a huge passion for the world of gaming, Valorant and the Assassin's Creed franchise hold a special place in his heart.

t1 ninja valorant

Home eSports. Tags: Ninja Valorant. Disqus Comments LoadingIt's quite a 'feel bad' moment for any fan when they have to see the members of their favourite team raging against one another, and that too on a live stream.

That is what the fans of ' Blifted' were subjected to yesterday when T1 streamer Michael 'sonii' Sherman had a furious verbal spat with Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins during a Valorant Ignition series Complexity matchmaking. And instead of the two online streamers cooling down and settling the differences with each other, their relationship got much worse, and Ninja ended up dropping Sonii from the Valorant team.

These recent developments came as a surprise to fans who had previously seen both Sonii and Ninja getting along with each other in Valorant. However, things got a bit out of hands yesterday, and sparks started flying between the two when their day kept getting worse with every loss. Updating here cause I know a lot of people were fans and supported us as a team.

Tyler has made the decision that he is unable to play with me being on the team. The guys will continue to play together. Tyler has made the decision that he is unable to play with me being on the team, The guys will continue to play together.

While talking about the rest of the teammates in the squad, Sonii said that he told LeX and Morguasse, "If you guys want to play with Ninja over me, I understand. He probably brings a lot to the table for you, guys like stream growth and whatever else you want to argue.

And the guys kind of just chose Ninja over me to play with. He even went on to say that Ninja had made it very clear about his position in the team and that Ninja, "truly felt [he] wasn't good enough.

When it comes to their track record, the influencer Valorant team of Ninja, Sonii, LeX, and Morguasee did not do all that well in their previous Valorant tournaments. They went down in the group stage at the PAX Arena Invitational and did look like the worst team out of all the participants. New User posted their first comment. Log in. Valorant Feature. Modified 02 Aug Ninja drops Sonii from Valorant team These recent developments came as a surprise to fans who had previously seen both Sonii and Ninja getting along with each other in Valorant.

Published 02 AugIST 0. Add a comment. Contact Us. GDPR Compliance.Valorant is the hottest game right now. The game got off to a good start, many pro teams and pro players are eyeing the situation and some already started to form or formed their teams. Riot Games was preparing the game for esports and here is their first tournament, Valorant Ignition Series. Let us start with T1 Valorant Showdown participating teams. Most teams are a mixture of influencers and pro players currently however, there are some really good teams in the mix, such as T1, Cloud 9, Gen G.

You can watch the games from Twitch on T1 official channel. The casters will be Gondenboy and Ballatw. The tournament will last for 3 days between June 26 and June Four of the 16 teams will come from qualifiers. Most of the teams are unready for a tournament but Riot Games wants to start things since if they wait until the pandemic is over the game will be several months old at least.

The tournament will have some amazing games for sure be sure to check it out this Friday. Apex Legends Fortnite Streamer News. By Dante Uzel. Ignition Series by Riot Games was announced last week. In the series Riot Games partnered with teams one of these teams is T1 and today we will show you everything, you need to know about Valorant T1 Showdown.

Esports Sexual Harassment Cases Exploded. What Happened? Forgot password?Microsoft's streaming service, Mixer, is shutting down on July 22 after the platform's active viewer count failed to reach the size of streaming competitors.

The team advanced through a qualifier bracket and made it through the quarterfinals before falling to TSM in the semifinals. Ninja's participation in the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Showdown coincides with the announcement of his streaming platform, Mixer, closing its doors and teaming up with live streaming platform Facebook Gaming.

ET Friday on Twitch, the platform on which Ninja made his name before signing an exclusive streaming contract for Mixer in Ninja has not announced on what platform he will be streaming next.

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T1 x NSG Showdown

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